Ms. Sapphire Carrington, a Caribbean born national, who became a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica by birth in 1974 while under the rule of the British Empire, Raised on the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, Dominica, Carrington later moved to the Big Apple, the city built on dreams in 1989.

Carrington commitment to social responsibility, specifically the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), coupled with her desire to empower others especially women and people with disabilities is the type of inclusive, strong role model we need today. Working diligently, Ms. Carrington have taken on the responsibility to ensure that leaders in the Caribbean live up to their promises and support initiatives that transitions away from practices that undermines the Goals' achievement and to proactively create solutions that solves existing challenges throughout the Caribbean together. 

Ms. Sapphire Carrington was born on 7th October, 1974 to Mrs. Agatha James-Williams and Captain Clement Williams in St. George Parish, Dominica. Always shipshaped, Ms, Carrington proudly boasts being nurtured by her extended family. 


Ms. Sapphire Carrington is the mother of two amazing young ladies, Joss and Kate, nineteen and sixteen years old, respectively.


Ms. Sapphire Carrington attended the Miss Burton School from the age of two (2) and attended primary school at the Convent Preparatory School. Ms. Sapphire Carrington began her secondary education at the all-girls Convent High School (CHS) in 1986.  In 1989, Ms. Sapphire Carrington migrated to the United States and graduated from the prestigious all girls, Monsignor Preston High School in New York in 1993. 


During her time at Monsignor Preston High School, Ms. Sapphire Carrington completed an internship at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in Manhattan, New York and also worked at the Bronx Zoo. Ms. Sapphire Carrington also attended the Jesuit Fordham University through the Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP). Ms. Sapphire Carrington studied Spanish for two years and French for six years where she earned numerous awards of academic distinctions including the All- American Scholar Award and Collegiate Leadership Merit Award. 

A true Maverick, Ms. Sapphire Carrington went on to major in Behavioral Science at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York where she also graduated with a Masters of Science degree in Organizational Leadership.  Not surprisingly, Ms. Carrington was drawn to finding her castle, where she pursued her second Master's in Education at Manhattanville College, in Purchase New York. Ms. Sapphire Carrington additionally earned her Masters Certificate in both Project Management and Six Sigma Green Belt from the oldest Catholic University in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Villanova University in 2009.


While pursuing her undergraduate studies Ms Carrington worked with the Conrez Group in Manhattan. She began her thriving career at Bell Atlantic Corporate in 1998 working with a community of talented, driven individuals, doing work that matters and worked diligently to change the way people live, work and play, crafting her own path to greatness.


Carrington moved to New England from New York in 2003 where she continued working for Bell Atlantic/ Verizon managing several offices along the East Coast. Inspired by the ambitious vision of the NYC Department of Education, Ms Sapphire Carrington transition to spark opportunity as a dynamic educator, helping shape the minds and lives of children in New York City. She worked passionately for nearly ten years as a Science and Mathematics teacher jump starting the next generation of productive citizens, innovators and leaders.


Alongside her successful career, as an educator, Ms. Sapphire Carrington opened her Business consulting company in 2008, Sublime Solutions Corp. providing services in Performance Psychology, Business Coaching, Executive Training and Development, Personality testing and many other business consulting services. Sublime Solutions, offer its services worldwide to business owners, non-profit organizations, and governmental Agencies. Ms. Carrington have a proven track record of stewarding long-term relationships and securing financial resources and assistance for governments and Non-governmental Organizations. Ms. Sapphire Carrington is a master at building relationships, growing businesses and driving success.


As a business professional, educator and a mover and a shaker, Ms. Carrington partnered with an iconic brand and also became an owner of her first brick and mortar, Sears Hometown Store in Mansfield, Connecticut in 2009. In 2016, Ms. Carrington bid farewell to her students and focused on expanding Sublime Solutions and raising awareness for the 17 United Nations Global Goals for sustainable development. Early 2016, Ms. Carrington made an unprecedented move and launched a political party in her country of birth adopting the 17 UN SDGs as her partys platform. Indeed, she is Bold For Change. 

Today, the political party, the People's Party(P-POD), is making a powerful impact and as founder, Ms. Sapphire Carrington is quickly becoming be the face of sustainbility and the Global Goals for the Caribbean region. 


From an early age, Ms. Sapphire Carrington had a clear understanding of social issues and became well aware of the power of speaking up. She believed that every individual was placed on this great planet to contribute something positive, to do something good for the benefit of humanity and she serves as a strong role model in her many roles, Volunteering at Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club was a gratifying experience for Ms. Carrington; An experience she refers to as "an eye opener to the realities many families faced and the need for safe spaces for our youth". Her commitment to making a difference in the lives of others began during her teenage years and carries on today. 

Today, we stand at the front lines of one of humanity's greatest challenges and that is protecting our planet and all its people. The climate crisis and its impact requires urgent action; Fortunately, Ms. Sapphire Carrington had the foresight and forethought to act and became a Climate Reality Leader  to both raise awareness and help create solutions.

As a visionary member of Global Citizen, Ms, Carrington along with many, take meaningful action. helping solve the worlds greatest challenges. The mission to end extreme poverty by 2030 is one that Ms. Carrington maintains. 

Building a positive legacy, Ms. Carrington is motivated by empowering others, Ms. Carrington stated during a recent interview (October 2018), with Global Goals World Cup "I believe in giving back in our own unique way whilst working together towards a cleaner, safer, equal and more just society". Indeed, together she encourages each and every person to share their knowledge, talents and  love with others. Ms. Carrington is a Global Goals World Cup Ambassador advocating for the 17 Global Goals for sustainable development, empowering women and girls through sport and embracing every moment of it all. Ms. Carrington invites you to join and support the movement to empower women and girls. 

Ms. Sapphire Carrington is a true reflection of the values we uphold as a country and as a people. Her leadership ethics and values are demonstrated in all that she has done and continues to do.  She is compassionate, empathetic, patient, courageous, respectful, generous,  honest, humble and open, just to name a few character traits that makes Ms. Carrington an effective leader. Ms. Carrington have proven to be a phenomenal leader at growing businesses, building relationships and driving success. She undeniably walks the talk and does it all, with grit and grace. For, Ms. Carrington, the future is Equal.



As Ms. Carrington looks ahead, she imagines a future that is equal, sustainable and more just. The 17 Global Goals for sustainable development serves as a guiding light, a beacon of hope to sustainability for all people across the globe. Empowering others is her motivation and Sustainability, Equity and Equality is the goal . Together, she encourages others to create a a winning strategy to build trust, growth and performance into the future.  Join Ms. Sapphire Carrington to help create more viable paths to Sustainability, Equality and Prosperity throughout the Caribbean region and all nations across the globe. May God Bless You and All Nations. 

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